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Career development is an essential aspect of any business as it not only benefits the individuals but also the company as a whole. At Cera we are proud to invest in our employees' career growth, as we know that this will help us to retain them for a longer, which in turn leads to increased productivity and higher employee satisfaction.

Our internal Learning and Development team are passionate about helping our employees to access continued professional development opportunities including; training courses, mentorship, apprenticeships, and more. These courses and programmes equip our teams with the necessary skills to take on new challenges and responsibilities, leading to better opportunities for them and more skilled employees for us!

Leadership training is one of the most critical aspects of career development, as it helps develop skills that are essential for career growth. A company that invests in its employees' leadership skills is likely to have a more engaged and motivated workforce that is willing to take on more significant challenges. Leadership training can include courses on communication, conflict resolution, time management, and decision-making skills. These skills are essential for individuals who aspire to take on leadership roles within their organisation.

What is the Well-Led Programme?

The Well-Led Programme was developed to give care managers a stronger understanding of the latest best practices and industry standards. There are many courses licensed by Skills for Care (who Cera are now endorsed by) including the Well-Led course.

The course covers a wide range of topics including leadership and management skills, improving understanding of governance and accountability, and how to foster a good organisational culture. Not only this, but they also learn how to apply this knowledge to their day-to-day roles.

What are the benefits of the course?

In addition to gaining the knowledge this course covers, it is designed to help care managers learn how to create a more positive environment for their staff, which in turn translates to better patient outcomes and safer standards.

Offering this training really does benefit everyone from the managers themselves, to our service users and their families.

How do Cera offer the course?

Initially our first cohort of staff completing this course worked with an accredited training provider. Since this however we are endorsed as a training provider in our own right and moving forward will be able to offer this course internally to staff seeking to develop their skills.

So what did people who completed this course say:

Why did you take the course? I’m always looking for ways to improve myself and my own skills. Working in care I think you’re always learning and I wanted to make sure I was up to date with the most recent knowledge to be the best I can be.

What would you say to someone interested in trying the course? Go for it! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

What was your biggest takeaway from the course? I never really expected how much it would make me look at myself and how my actions impact the branch as a whole. It was also great to hear from other managers on the course and their experiences.

We are so proud to be able to offer our teams access to professional development and training courses just like this. At Cera, you are more than just a number, you are a part of our family and we care about supporting you to grow.

If you’re interested in becoming a care professional with us, click here to view current care jobs. Alternatively you can view our internal support office team jobs here.

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