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Longer, healthier, better lives

Cera is Europe’s largest provider of digital-first home healthcare, we are redefining healthcare by moving more and more services out of hospitals and into people’s own homes.

As one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies, our team of technologists, data scientists and product engineers partner with our frontline professional carers and nurses to drive innovation across healthcare service delivery.

Our technology is used every single day across our community of 10,000 healthcare professionals.


Making care better for everyone - Dr Ben's story

Our story began with Ben Maruthappu, at the time a practicing physician working in A&E and Public Health medicine. Ben was struck by the volume of avoidable or unnecessary hospitalisations and the impact this was having both on the NHS, and on the lives of patients.

Whilst working as a doctor, Ben also found himself organising care for a member of his own family. Having experienced this process first-hand, he recognised the immense pressure that providers and Professional Carers were under, as well as the difficulties facing older people and their loved ones.

Recognising the transformative role that technology could play in improving the delivery, planning and outcome of healthcare at home, Ben worked with Cera’s other co-founders to launch the company in November 2016.

The work that Care professionals do every single day is life changing, that’s why Cera creates technology so that our Care Assistants can spend less time on admin and more time engaging, caring and focusing on the things that really make a difference to our clients.

By becoming a Carer with Cera, you will have the opportunity to train, learn and develop your skills as well as making a truly meaningful difference to your clients' lives. You will also be part of a Social Care revolution, reducing pressure on the NHS and achieving better outcomes for people in your care.

Cera: Revolutionising healthcare at home

Our Mission

Our Mission is to enable people to live longer, healthier lives in their own homes.

We are revolutionising healthcare, by transforming the ways in which healthcare services are planned, delivered and received. Our smart, digital technology leverages data and machine learning to empower those providing care, whilst improving outcomes for those receiving it.

For those delivering care, we reduce the burden of ‘pen and paper’ working and remove unnecessary administrative work, empowering them to do what they do best: care.

For those receiving care we are able to monitor their condition digitally, predicting and preventing changes in their condition and responding to any deterioration 30-fold faster than traditional methods, reducing hospitalisations, and keeping people well in their homes.


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