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What our clients are saying…

“For the first time my parents are talking about the prospect of care workers in positive terms. Thanks to Cera.”


“Cera has turned what was potentially a really traumatic experience for my parents, into a really positive one. Cera made them feel like valued customers; listening, understanding, and most of all, making my parents feel in total control.”


“I wanted to also say how pleased we have been with the service you have provided, keeping us informed and providing a series of delightful, kind and helpful care workers.”


How does it work

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Call us directly or fill the short form to find the best care worker online.

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Our home care expert will provide a consultation free of charge and create a personally tailored care plan.

Care begins

Care will be carried out by your specially selected care worker.

How much it costs


Starting at
£15 / hour

To ensure high quality, personal care, shifts are a minimum of 1 hour.


Starting at
£100 / night

Awake for £160/night, shifts are 10 hours.


Starting at
£690 / week

A more desirable and affordable option to residential care.

Passion for life

A passion for life is what makes us all get up in the morning, encourages us to enjoy the best parts of the world around us and to always want more. Cera understand that rekindling this feeling in older people is key to their ongoing health and wellbeing. Discovering this spark will increase the efficacy of therapeutic and medical treatments and ensure that quality of life is at its absolute maximum.



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We offer a bespoke approach. Choose our services to suit your particular needs and receive a personalised care plan.

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We only select the top 5 % of care workers

Our care workers are the most experienced in their field, and have a passion for helping older people find their spark.

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