Working in Care

Working in care has given me everything I was missing.

The role of a Care Assistant

"My work doesn't feel like a job".

A Cera Assistant provides support for someone to help them stay independent. Most service users will be older people, some will have mobility difficulties and others will have a diagnosis of conditions such as dementia.

As a Care Assistant, you may be expected to do some personal care, meal preparation, housework and, most importantly, provide a listening ear when needed. You'll need to be warm, friendly and patient as you work with service users.

Some service users live alone and others live with family or housemates. For someone living alone, you may be one of their only visitors, so you have a massive part to play in making sure they're okay.


Because you care

"I get paid and I give back".

Even if you've never thought about care work, you probably already have a lot in common with our care professionals. A good, kind heart. A knack for making people feel good - and feel better. Because the qualities that make you who you are, also make you a brilliant professional care assistant.

If you've worked in Care before, you will already know how important your role is and what a positive impact you have on those you care for. What you may not know is that at Cera, we do things differently. Our App gives our carers fast and efficient access to record their visit reports. Our new Healthier Lives programme empowers them to record vital signs and help detect a deterioration in health - FAST. We're seeing a 52% reduction in hospital admissions through this technology. By joining Cera as a carer, you really will be making a difference to health outcomes.

It's about you as a person. Who you are, not what you've done.

It's the connection. I love seeing them and they love seeing me.

They're right. It's not easy.

But is anything brilliant ever easy?


How to become a Care Assistant?

Becoming a Care Assistant at Cera is simple. We can train you to be a brilliant professional carer so no previous experience or qualifications are required. What we can't teach is how to be patient, kind and understanding - you'll be the type of person that friends and family rely on when things are tough.

If you think you tick these boxes then apply today!

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