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Cera is Europe’s largest provider of digital-first home healthcare, we are redefining healthcare by moving more and more services out of hospitals and into people’s own homes.

At Cera, we are deeply committed to redefining the standards of care for our clients. Our suite of services cater to the diverse needs of individuals, ensuring that they receive the utmost care, support, and attention they deserve with experienced specialists leading each service.

Our technology is the backbone of our operation, ensuring our carers have more time to provide care with data led insights to help them make the right care decisions and that our service users have the best quality of life in their own home.

Types of care


Care at Home

Our highly trained community of Professional Carers enable service users to maintain their independence by supporting them with household tasks, personal care and hygiene, medication administration and companionship. Care is provided in the comfort and surroundings of their own homes.

Live-In Care

Cera is a leading provider of live-in care services in the UK. We understand the importance of maintaining independence and dignity for those we care for. Our mission is to provide compassionate, personalised, and professional care that allows our clients to remain in the comfort of their own homes while receiving the support they need.
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Extra Care

Our Extra Care Housing Schemes, also known as assisted living, offer independent living in a home from home environment, with access to professional care should the service user require it. This type of scheme allows the service user to make new friends, learn new skills and take part in an exciting range of activities, within a residential complex.

Nursing & Complex Care

We are proud to provide high-quality, flexible nurse-led home care for children and adults of all ages to continue living independently in their own homes, including those with complex health conditions. We provide service users with the care and support they need, whether it be short-term help after a hospital stay or longer-term assistance, offering a suite of services.

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Supported Living

Supported living is a service designed to help people with a wide range of mental and physical support needs retain their independence by being supported in their own home. Our support workers in these services help service users to live an independent life, this may include assisting them with household tasks, managing bills and finances or accompanying them to social activities.
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Learning Disabilities

Our Learning Disabilities care team support individuals in the community to lead an independent and fulfilling life, whether we are providing support at home, for social activities, in education settings or at a workplace; our aim is to ensure that individuals get the maximum enjoyment and value from their every day life. We promote a safe, healthy and secure living environment.

Why home care?

Our mission is to enable people to live longer, healthier lives in their own homes. Home care is cost effective, allows people to remain in familiar surroundings, and ultimately gives people choice - it is quite difficult for someone to move from a residential care facility back into a home environment; so home care is a great option if someone is not yet ready to make this choice.

We're dedicated to ensuring our service users receive the highest standards of care, we also know that for many of our service users the impact of having a care visit goes above and beyond initial care needs.

Home care also promotes nurturing relationships between carers and service users, and also with their own families. The emotional support and social interaction given by our carers is often one of the most valued parts of a visit to service users, some of whom may have limited or no social interaction day to day.

Our 'letters to my carer' campaign highlighted just how important carers are to our service users.

Our Technology

We are revolutionising healthcare, by transforming the ways in which healthcare services are planned, delivered and received. Our smart, digital technology leverages data and machine learning to empower those providing care, whilst improving outcomes for those receiving it.

Through our app’s data analytics and machine-learning technology, our professional carers and nurses are able to collect, monitor and react to a range of vital health signs in our clients in real-time.

This enables them to respond to changes in health conditions 30-fold faster than traditional methods, and reduces hospitalisations and falls across our community, keeping them healthier in their homes for longer.

Our app can identify the ‘next best action’ for a client when their health condition changes, ensuring they can receive better care, much faster, in their own home.

At Cera, we are constantly driving innovation, whether it’s through the continued integration of our digital technology into healthcare delivery, new ways of embracing and utilising data or automated ways of planning and operationalising.


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If you are looking for care please email hello@ceracare.co.uk , please include your location/postcode and a brief description of what support/type of care you are looking for.