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Three carers with a combined nine decades of experience tell us why they love working in care.

We spoke to three carers who are enjoying careers in care that span from 18 to an amazing 49 years in service. We asked them why they do what they do, and what motivates them to carry on working in care.

22 years working in care

Susan Hughes has been working in care for 22 years.

“I went into care 22 years ago after my mum died. Me and my sister started the same month. When you walk out their door and the person says thank you, that means more to me than anything else because you know they mean it. I often wonder how many times a day a carer says ‘You’re welcome’ to clients.”

A 49 year career in care

Even after an amazing 49 years working in care, Alison Ashcroft is still enjoying every day.

“I have worked in the care industry since I was 17, which is 49 years now! I have seen changes but I would not change my vocation for all the tea in china. Every day is rewarding, and every day is different. I would like to think, just for a moment, that when I visit a client no matter how bad a day they are having - I bring that ray of sunshine into their lives.”

18 years working in care

The relative newcomer of the trio is Clair Bruneel-Sanders, with a still-impressive 18 years as a care worker - so far.

“For me, my journey started 18 years ago when I was visiting a friend in England, and ended up being her chauffeur.

“A lovely lady invited me into her home and I got chatting to her. Granted I had to slow my speech down, as us Scots can talk a mile a minute. But once the visit was over, she gave me a hug and looked at me, smiled and said;

“'You have it you know, the right persona and attitude to be a carer, please consider it.’

“Her words stuck with me, especially as my mum had just been diagnosed with cancer (she’s fine now). So I came back home, applied for a job and I will have worked here for 18 years come August.

“A desire to support my mum, and that lady’s words, that is why and how I got into care. I love impacting people's lives, even if it's only for a short period of time.”

All three carers have their reasons why they started a career in care. All three have their motivations for staying loyal to their work for so long. But there’s one constant with all of our carers featured here, and that’s the dedication they show to the people they care for.

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