23 years in Social Care : Sandra's Story

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23 years of making a difference, and Sandra keeps on caring

March marked 23 years working in care for Sandra, and she’s certainly been busy! Sandra works for Cera Care in Warrington as a Care Assistant, she’s in high demand and always out taking care of the people who depend on her.

“It’s not all sit down and have a cup of tea,” says Sandra, speaking from those 23 years of care experience, “it’s hard work!”

Sandra started her career in care along with a friend and now, over two decades later, she’s still having fun in her role and with the people she cares for:

“My favourite thing about this job is listening to their stories, and trying my best to make them smile.”

Smiling must be the best way to pass time because the 23 has obviously flown by for Sandra: “I can’t believe I’ve been here that long, it doesn’t feel like a job.”

With a laugh, Sandra shares some snippets of her 23 years of expertise and wisdom: “Find out where the clean toilets are, and never use the client’s towel.”

You get the feeling whenever you talk to seasoned carers like Sandra that a sense of humour is a vital part of what makes a good carer. Sandra backs this up with her own summary of what qualities a carer needs: “Lots of patience, broad shoulders - always a smile and a sense of humour.”

They’re very human qualities, reflecting the nature of the job. Caring isn’t a turn up for work and be counted type of job, it’s going to work and making a genuine difference. What does Sandra think her work does for the people she works for? “It means they can live in their own home” says Sandra.

A life at home, a life less lonely, a life improved.

A simple, and yet invaluable benefit that even a new carer can help provide to somebody, let alone someone with the vast experience of Sandra.

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