2024 Existing Carer & Staff Bonus

Terms and Conditions

  • This bonus is only for current & active Cera Carers & Staff who are employed by the Halton branch as of 01/01/2024.
  • Any Carers & staff who are hired and/or become active after 01/01/2024 will not be eligible for this bonus.
  • This bonus is only for Carers & office staff of the Halton branch.
  • The bonus is a one off payment & all bonuses are deductible by HMRC as normal.
  • All bonuses are awarded via our Carer referral App Care Friends. Within the App you can request to redeem your bonus points as cash once per month and this will be paid in your wages accordingly
  • You may redeem either all or some of your points in any request as long as you redeem at least 25 points. You can learn more about the Care Friends App here
  • To access the Workforce Reward Bonus, you must be registered for Care Friends, and have downloaded and logged into the App by 01/03/2024. If you register and download the Care Friends App after 01/03/2024, you can still use the App, but will be unable to access the Workforce Reward bonus within here.
  • No other requests for the bonus will be accepted other than via the Care Friends App.

**Cera Care reserves the right to pause and/or end the bonus scheme without prior notice and at any time. Cera’s decision on bonus payments is final and at their sole discretion.