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Why work at Cera


Care at Cera is a career, not just a job

We want our carers to see their profession as one with meaning, where they feel rewarded, can develop their skills and progress whilst truly make a difference. In 2023, 45% of our salaried ops vacancies were filled by promoting from within.

We support you and your wellbeing

We take the burden off daily challenges through our employee benefits, so you can truly focus on caring. We support you to ensure you have a good work/life balance and in 2023 we introduced enhanced parental leave policies.

We make it easier for you to care

By bringing care into the 21st century, we reduce administrative tasks by using technology, this technology also helps us to improve outcomes - reducing hospitalisations and falls for our service users and reduce pressure on the NHS.

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Working in Care

Are you wondering what it's like to work as a carer? Listen to Macie's story as she talks about her transition from hospitality to social care. If you have a passion for helping others then you could join Macie as a carer at Cera.

You build a special bond.

It makes you realise what’s important in life.

Interested in working in care?

Cera: Revolutionising healthcare at home

About Cera

We are revolutionising healthcare, by transforming the ways in which healthcare services are planned, delivered and received. Our smart, digital technology leverages data and machine learning to empower those providing care, whilst improving outcomes for those receiving it.

For those delivering care, we reduce the burden of ‘pen and paper’ working and remove unnecessary administrative work, empowering them to do what they do best: care.

For those receiving care at home we are able to monitor their condition digitally, predicting and preventing changes in their condition and responding to any deterioration 30-fold faster than traditional methods, reducing hospitalisations, and keeping people well in their homes.


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