Do your friends Care?

make a referral and earn up to £500 every time!
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What is Care Friends?

Care Friends is the home of our employee referral scheme! The scheme is powered by an easy to use App where Cera employees can find and share Cera jobs! By referring friends to join the team, you will receive points on your app, and points = CASH!

Earn up to £500 for each person you refer, what is even better is that you start earning points from the moment you click the share button.


How to Get Started with Care Friends

  1. Use the button above to sign up for the care friends Scheme - you'll get 5 bonus points worth £5 just for signing up!

  2. Use the QR code or visit your Smartphone's App Store to download the Care Friends App

  3. View and share roles via Social Media profiles, Facebook Groups, Email, Whatsapp and SMS!

I've earned £3748 which has helped my family so much - We've booked a holiday with this! It also gives you a great feeling knowing you're helping to employ people into your branch. You both benefit which is fantastic.

Scheme Rules

  1. Using the Care Friends App is the only way you can refer a friend at Cera, any referrals made outside of the scheme/app are not eligible for bonus. If you do not own a smartphone please speak to your branch manager on how you can still refer.
  2. Points are awarded as your referral moves through the process, all the way up to when they pass their probation.
  3. You can cash in points once a month and we advise you do this between 20th-25th of each month so that if you want to, you can cash in all available points before the 26th Deadline.
  4. Your Branch manager will approve your points between 26th and the last working day of each month. These are then processed via payroll for the next available pay day.
  5. The redemption of outstanding points for leavers is honoured for good leavers who complete their full notice period. In any other circumstances, redemption of bonus points for leavers is at the discretion of the business Directors.
  6. Candidates must not have been previously referred or worked for Cera or any subsidiary in the previous 12 months
  7. You may redeem points as cash once you have a minimum of 25 points, you can redeem either all or some of your points in any request as long as you redeem at least 25 points.
  8. App users can share jobs as frequently as they wish but you will only receive up to 10 share points per calendar month.
  9. False referrals or repeated submissions of inaccurate data may be considered fraudulent and will result in disciplinary action.

When will I get paid my Care Friends bonus?

  • You can cash in your points ONCE a month which we recommend doing as close to the monthly claim deadline (26th of every month) as possible, so that you maximise the amount available to cash out.
  • The requests are then approved by your manager before the last working day of the month.
  • Approved payments are submitted to the payroll team on the first working day of the month for payment that month. Eg You cash in your points on January 25th, your manager approves these by 31st January and you will be paid these points at the latest by the end of February. The exact payment date will vary dependent on your payroll cycle.
  • All monies paid are subject to the usual tax and National Insurance deductions.
  • The first time you request to cash in, you must ensure your NI number is entered correctly when prompted.

What if I don’t get paid my points in line with the above schedule?

  • If your points have been approved and you have not received the payment by the end of the following month, please ask your branch manager to raise a payroll query.