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Today is the International Day of Older Persons and we would like to focus on the older people within our business, including our service users and our care staff.

For us it’s important to recognise the knowledge that older and more experienced carers can bring to the table, as well as the confidence that they might have in situations younger carers might not have previously been in. With many retired people looking to return to work to top up their pensions we are seeing a wave of “unretirement” approaching the care sector and we are proud to offer opportunities to them whether they have care experience or not.

In addition, we are proud to support the empowerment of older people who might need our carers support for either a short period of time after a hospital stay, or long-term to allow them to remain living safely in their own homes.

So what is International Day of Older Persons?
International Day of Older Persons was created by the United Nations in an effort to encourage countries to recognise and challenge negative myths and stereotypes about older people, whilst also empowering older people to realise their full potential.

What is “unretirement”?
Unretirement is the phenomenon we are seeing sweeping across the UK which has been heightened by the cost of living crisis. It is the term used to describe retired people who may be looking to continue to be part of the workforce, or return to work after a period of retirement.

Why might an older person be looking at “unretirement” as an option?
There are a number of reasons someone might be considering “unretirement”.

  1. Financial - Increasing costs of living in Britain are giving rise to a wave of people looking to either continue to work part-time after retirement age, or return to work so they can afford to cover their lifestyle and expenses. According to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), there has been an increase in economic activity (people working or looking for work) of 116,000 people among those over-50 in the past year (2021/22).

  2. Seeking meaning/fulfilment - Many people, particularly those who cared who have cared for family and friends, may be looking for a role that gives them the opportunity to make a difference. Whilst some would have considered volunteering for charities or within the communities previously, the cost of living might be driving them to consider paid opportunities that still give them the same feel-good experience. We might be biased but careers in care, like those we offer here at Cera are a fantastic option for this. We have opportunities available across the UK, click here to see care jobs near you.

  3. Boredom - Other reasons aside, people may reach retirement age and find that the retired person's lifestyle is not for them. Popular film “The Intern” starring Anne Hathaway and Robert De Niro is a fantastic example of this and the good unretirement can bring both the person returning to the workforce, and the workers they impart their knowledge to. It tells the story of a 70-year old retiree and former executive who finds themselves bored of retirement and decides to apply as an intern to a successful start up company. The story, though fictional, highlights the experience older people can share which creates a fulfilling experience for all.

What do I need to know about returning to work after retirement?
With growing numbers of people looking for more information about working part time after retirement (or even full-time for some), we have put together the following information you need to know about returning to work after retirement.

One of the biggest concerns we hear about is “if I return to work after retiring will it affect my pension’. The answer is no, any additional earnings will not reduce the pension you receive. However you will need to take into account that the combination of your salary and your pension are considered your taxable income. If you are working and paying tax, the tax code against your earnings will recognise your pension as well.

Another thing to be aware of is if you’re over the State Pension age (65), you will not find yourself automatically enrolled into a workplace pension by your employer. However, as long as you are earning at least £6396.00 per annum (correct as of 2022/23), you still have the right to opt into your employers workplace pension up to the age of 74. Find out more about that here.

How do Cera help older people realise their full potential with a fulfilling “unretirement” career in care?
Whether you are seeking flexible hours to fit around your retirement plans, or simply seeking a role where you get to give back and make a difference in your local community, careers in care are perfect.

Don't believe us? Why not hear from some of our carers to find out how they discover careers in care.

Sue said: “Prior to starting my career in care, I worked as a transport supervisor for seventeen years. However after caring for my mum, I found that when she passed I needed something that would fill my time and give me a more rewarding experience. Over the last twenty three years I have worked in care and a lot has changed, but one thing that doesn’t is that people will always need support like this. It isn’t always easy but I take pride in giving people the good care they deserve, for whatever time they have left. I plan to retire within the next couple of years but at the moment enjoy doing regular weekly hours to keep me busy. After retirement I will likely reduce my hours but continue working part time as long as I am able!”

Myra said: "I had a friend who worked in care and recommended it to me but after going out with her on a few calls I wasn't sure I could do it. Thankfully, she encouraged me and kept pushing me. I’m so glad she did and I was lucky enough to have her as a wonderful mentor who trained me up. Things have changed since I first started in care but honestly, I much prefer some of it. The training updates in particular are much easier on a laptop at home, in my own time. I’m 69, and after 22 years in care I can’t imagine doing anything else! I would be bored if I gave up working full-time. It’s such a rewarding job and I get up every day, looking forward to working and making a difference in the lives of others. If that ever changes I would consider retiring but at the moment I plan to continue working in this job for as long as I am able to!"

What would you say to someone who is retired or due to retire soon, but considering a career in care? "Your experience either of care or life will be much appreciated by the elderly service users we work with. I know a lot of service users I speak to say they like older carers as it feels less like having their grandchildren look after them and more like a friend. In care, all you need is common sense and you’re halfway there! If you have a kind heart and a listening ear then you have everything you need to support someone. The training can only teach you so much. You need to want to make a difference to enjoy this role. I cannot recommend it enough and I only hope more people my age discover how rewarding it can be!"

Each of our carers is able to share the days they are able to work and our teams endeavour to support them with hours to suit this. We have both full-time and part-time opportunities available and you don’t need to have previous experience in a care position, just a passion for caring for others.

If this sounds like something you might be interested in, click here to discover your local Cera branch and their current opportunities.

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