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Those who work in care come into it for a variety of reasons and from all walks of life. We spoke to carer Stevie Spence who has worked a carer with Cera for the last year, following leaving a career as a chef.

What made you decide to step away from your previous role and look into working in care? After working as a Chef for some time I felt the pressure and long hours just weren’t for me anymore. I wanted a change of career that would give me the opportunity to really give something back to the community. Care really gives me that and seemed like the best option.

What do you love about working in care? I’ve worked full-time for Cera for the last year and feel very lucky to say I absolutely love my job. I love going that extra mile to ensure everyone is looked after to the best of my ability. It is the most rewarding experience even though it can be challenging at times and worth every minute.

What challenges did you face coming into care? Initially I was unsure about how people would respond to a male carer but honestly have felt so supported and welcomed in the role. I’ve never been treated any differently being a male care worker.

Some people think there’s no development in care jobs but over the last year I have gained so much experience and even completed SVQ 2 and SVQ meds competency so I’m constantly developing my skills.

What would you say to someone considering a career in care? If you’re looking for a job where you’ll be able to go home and know you have supported clients health and wellbeing and made a real difference, then care is the job for you. There’s nothing like the pride I get from ensuring they are independent and happy in own homes.

We also spoke to the coordinator and registered service manager at Stevie's branch about their experience working with him.

Stevie always goes out his way to ensure clients are laughing and enjoying the care being delivered. Not only is he one of our most reliable carers but he is also well liked across all services in East Lothian.

Stevie goes above and beyond every day with clients and supporting the branch. His dedication to his role and knowledge of the sector make us very proud to work with him and support his career in care. He will go far!

If you’re interested in a career in care, click here to view our current jobs.

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