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We know that the carers we work with come from a variety of backgrounds and many have worked in different sectors before moving into care. There are a variety of transferable skills that can be applied to a career in care, so you could already have the perfect experience. As we provide full training, no previous experience in care is required to work with us.

We spoke to Jo Cockburn, a teacher who became a carer for our East Lothian branch.

What did you do before starting work with us?

I am a French/German Teacher at the local high school. I have actually been a teacher for 17 years in total.

When did you start work with us, and how did you find us?

I started working as a professional carer for Cera in June 2023.

I was looking for a flexible second job that would fit well around school holidays and bank work, when I spoke to Kayla, the recruiter for my local branch, in a facebook group. I didn’t realise how flexible the role of a care worker could be and was so grateful that Cera would be able to work with me in this way.

How did you feel about working in care? Was there anything you were unsure about?

I had doubts about the caring role and wasn't sure if I could deliver the personal care side of things. However throughout the process of recruitment, induction training, and shadowing other carers, I not only feel confident doing it, but absolutely love it. It is so special to get to work with a variety of people. I love hearing clients stories about their lives and how much of a difference care makes to them.

Three nursing friends also recommended Cera as a good company to work for through their experience with them in the community alongside the clients they also care for.

What would you say to someone new into care?

Give it a try and don't doubt yourself. Don't make assumptions of the caring industry. Every day is different. I love having the independence of being out on my own and delivering the care to the clients. Gives me a sense of purpose to get up and out in the morning.

How do you feel about care now?

I love it! I am well supported in my role as a care worker and understand it well. I am very passionate about it, and the difference I can make through it!

We also spoke to our branch to see what they had to say about Jo.

“Jo is very well liked out in the community with our clients and also other members of the team. She delivers care to a high standard and always goes that extra mile to ensure her clients are happy.”

Thank you Jo for taking the time to share your experience of starting work in care.

With branches across the UK, you could discover a flexible career in care could be nearer than you think. Check out our branch locator to discover your nearest here.

If you’re interested in becoming a care professional with us, click here to view current care jobs. Alternatively you can view our internal support office team jobs here.

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