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Old Stratford

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Milton KeynesNorthamptonshire
Unit 4 Furtho Court, Towcester Road, Old Stratford, Milton Keynes , MK19 6AN

About Cera Old Stratford


Alison has worked in the Care Sector for over 15 years, she says “Whilst care work is tough, it’s also the most exciting, rewarding job you could imagine, meeting and interacting with our service users and supporting them through difficult times is an amazing feeling”.

People should join our team in Old Stratford because the dedication, compassion, support and enthusiasm shown by the team is remarkable, they are so dedicated and we all work really hard to ensure we deliver a safe and well-led service and that our carers feel supported.

If you’re considering a career in care, joining Cera means you get the highest quality of training and all the tools you need to deliver outstanding care. The care sector is suffering from staff shortages and by joining us you will be making a massive difference to the lives of some of the most vulnerable people in your local community.

We’re not just another care provider. Our mission at Cera is to solve the care challenges and provide people with modern care they rightly deserve. By combining the power of technology with a uniquely collaborative approach, our Carers have more time to spend on care and less admin.