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Dementia care

At Cera we understand that regular routine and familiar surroundings are important factors when living with dementia. This is why we offer expert care to help elderly people comfortably stay in their own homes for as long as possible. Our professional care workers offer all the support needed to help elderly people stay where they are surrounded by their memories.

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What is Dementia care?

Dementia care can be provided for anyone who is suffering from any form of dementia, whether they are in the early stages or have had dementia for a number of years. Our dementia home care is provided by specially trained Professional Carers and is personalised to ensure that all the challenges associated with dementia can be dealt with. This will ensure that safety and security for your loved one can be provided within their own home. Our Professional Carers are able to care for individuals suffering from a range of symptoms of dementia from providing companionship and reassurance to helping with personal care and mobility issues. Dementia care can be provided at any stage of dementia, we are here to help ensure the highest quality of life and care for your loved one suffering with dementia.

What are the options for Dementia care at home?

We offer a range of care your loved ones with dementia, care can either be nightly or full-time live-in. Our Professional Carers can provide a range of services for your loved one depending on their individual level of dementia and problems associated with this. Our services include; companionship, domestic help, meal preparations, medication assistance, mobility assistance, personal care and hygiene care.

Benefits of Dementia Care

Many of the difficulties associated with dementia such as; confusion, memory loss, aggression and incontinence can mean those suffering from dementia feel that it is harder to remain independent and live their normal lives. Our Professional Carers will help your loved one to remain independent within their own home, enabling them to maintain their normal routines and continue to feel comfortable and safe. As symptoms of dementia progress we understand how important it is to maintain a stable and regular routine, we can ensure that your loved one will have continuity in the Professional Carer that they have looking after them in order to ensure that the highest quality of care can be provided.

Benefits of CQC Regulated Dementia Care

Cera is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the national governing body for regulation of health and social care. The CQC undertakes regular inspections to ensure that care companies are performing to a strict standard that ensures, safe, reliable, high quality, well-led and effective social care. The advantages of receiving CQC regulated elderly care include; the maintenance of a high standard and quality of safe care via regular inspections and training to ensure that your loved ones are well cared for. You can also register complaints or praise about the quality of care that you receive with Cera via the CQC, giving you a voice in the standard of care that you expect to receive for yourself or your loved one. It is strongly advised that you chose a care company that is CQC regulated in order to ensure safe, high quality care.

Funding Dementia Care

There are two main options for funding dementia home care, these are either means tested funding from your local authority or private, self-funding. If you qualify for social funded care, we can accept payments from your local authority and speak with them to arrange payment options. We can also help you arrange top-up payments if your local authority does not cover the full cost of your care requirements. Further queries can be answered by talking to one of our care specialists over the phone.

To check whether you are eligible for public funding please follow this advice from Age UK.

The Benefits Of Our Dementia care Service

Dementia care Care Home
Consistent, 1:1 care Yes No
Hand-pick your Professional Carer Yes No
Manage your Care Plan online Yes No
Dedicated customer support Yes No
Family can visit any time Yes No
Stay in your own home Yes No

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We offer a bespoke approach. Choose our services to suit your particular needs and receive a personalised care plan.

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  • Household help

    The pressure of running a home can sometimes become overwhelming. If your loved one needs assistance with day-to-day tasks around the home, Cera is here to offer a helping hand. Whether it’s doing the laundry, washing up, cooking or cleaning, our carers are always there to help.

    • Cooking
    • Doing dishes or laundry
    • Grocery shopping
    • Cleaning
    • Gardening
    • Seasonal household organising, household repairs
    • Running errands
    • Taking care of pets, walking the dog, going to the vet
  • Personal care and hygiene

    Ill health or reduced mobility can often be a significant issue for elderly people when it comes to their personal care and hygiene. Our specialist home carers will assist through our tailored approach to home care by helping your loved one with whatever they need, from getting dressed, bathing or going to the toilet.

    • Bathing and dressing
    • Toileting
    • Applying make-up, hair-styling
  • Medication Prompting

    At Cera, we understand that a vital part of caring for an individual is to provide the right support and care for their wellbeing. A key element of our home care service is medication prompting, whereby our home carers will provide simple reminders. Our carers are also trained to administer medication and will be on hand to advise on healthy eating, exercise and how to stay hydrated.

    • Reminding to take medication
    • Reminding to drink water
    • Devising an exercise plan
  • Companionship and personal assistance

    We believe that the individuals around a person help to give them a passion for life. It’s for this reason why our carers always encourage socialising and independence for those in their care, as well as promoting happiness. Central to the way that they do this is by developing meaningful relationships and supporting mental and emotional wellbeing

    • Teaching a skill (internet, smartphone, etc.)
    • Playing social games
    • Going to the theatre, cinema or social clubs
    • Walking the dog together
    • Accompanying you on travels
    • Running errands
  • Specialist Care

    Everyone is unique. At Cera, we have a tailored approach to the home care services that we provide to ensure that we can assist with a range of conditions that can impact both physical and mental health. Whether it’s assisting an elderly person following a stay in hospital or providing palliative care, our highly trained and carers can offer help in exactly the way that it’s needed

    • Private nursing
    • Medicinal visit