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Home Care in Bexley

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Our Range of Home Care Services in Bexley

Fiona and her care team assist our customers in Bexley with everything from companionship, home help and support, through to providing more complex healthcare support for people with conditions such as dementia, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. They can also provide expert care for those that have suffered a stroke or a spinal injury.At Cera, we are dedicated to making sure that our customers can enjoy the quality of life they deserve, from the comfort of their own home, irrespective of their personal or medical requirements.The first thing we do is to understand the care needs of your loved one, to enable us to provide a tailored home care service that fits with their personal requirements. We can even put this in place after just 24 hours following your initial enquiry.The carers that we work with in Bexley all have years of experience and knowledge in their chosen fields, ensuring that they’re well equipped to deal with all of the care requirements of our customers.

Household Help

If it’s important to your loved one to be able to stay in the comfortable surroundings of their own home, often they may need a small hand around the house to make this a reality. Our carers can do exactly that, helping with tasks such as gardening, cleaning, washing the dishes and even feeding pets.

Personal Care & Hygiene

Personal care and hygiene can often suffer due to a lack of mobility or ill health. Our home carers are on hand to help your loved one with whatever they need, from assistance with washing, bathing, cleaning their teeth, or getting dressed for the day.

Medication Prompting

Taking medication daily may be a big part of your loved one’s life and you’ll want the peace of mind to know that this is being done. Our home carers can provide prompts and can administer medication where required too.

Companionship and Personal Assistance

Key to our care service is that our carers can form emotional bonds with our customers, through regular socialising and by providing companionship. To help make this a reality, we match our carers with our customers based on their shared interests as well as the experience of the carer. Our carers can also speak several languages as well as English, including French, Romanian, and Polish.

Our customers love our award-winning service.

Specialist Home and Live-in Care in Bexley

At Cera, we have a wide range of care services on offer, which means our home and live-in care can always be tailored to cater for the care requirements of your loved one. Whether they require palliative care, disability care, dementia care, or post-discharge care, we always ensure each service will be personal to them.

Our Coverage

We cover areas in and around Bexley including the following locations:

We cover other areas outside of Bexley including:

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of care does Cera offer in Bexley?

At Cera, we provide a range of care services to our customers living in Bexley and the surrounding areas. This encompasses home help as well as full-time live-in care.This means that we can look after our customers that have a range of conditions, including dementia, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. We can also provide post-surgery care as well as specialist care for anyone who has suffered a stroke or a spinal injury.You can find the specific areas we offer care in Bexley listed above.To find out about the care that we can offer in your area, simply enter your postcode in the box at the top of the page. We’ll then provide you with a detailed breakdown of our home care services in your location.

How can I arrange home care for my loved one?

The first step is for you to complete an initial enquiry with us. This is simple and straightforward and will give us an idea of the care needs of your loved one. We will then arrange for a member of our care team to run a consultation to define their care needs in more detail. The care services we then provide, and the tailored way we do it, will be based on the information you’ve given and the outcome of the consultation. Once the type and level of care has been agreed, you will then have the chance to view our list of experienced carers and will have the opportunity to choose the carer that you feel most comfortable with.

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