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Cera Care’s Gender Pay Information


  • At Cera Care when looking at average hourly rates, they are 44% less for women than for men. Additionally, the median hourly pay rate for women was 21% less than men's. This is due to the much larger proportion of women working as carers at Cera. Women make up 92% of Cera’s overall workforce.

  • For example, when looking at employees by pay quartile, the upper quartile is 20% men and 80% female. The upper middle quartile is 12% men, 88% female, the lower middle quartile 8% men and 92% female and the lower quartile 8% men and 92% again.

  • This means men made up 20% of the upper paid salaries and women 80%, however women also make up the majority of the lower quartile. 

  • Moreover, women received more bonuses than men for last year April - April. When looking at the mean bonus pay, women were in fact paid 47% more.

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