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Uber and the NHS join Cera to help revolutionise home care

Home care services for older people are not fast or flexible enough. With help from Uber and in partnership with the NHS, Cera has introduced two new services to help change this.

Digital solutions to a social care problem

Cera has delivered tens of thousands of hours of home care with a 99% satisfaction rate. High quality is a priority but, at the same time, so is speed, which is why all of our processes are digitalised.

Two new services make appropriate use of technology to deliver more flexible, timely care:


1. Tackling bed-blocking with the NHS

The thought of your parent stuck in a hospital when they could be sleeping soundly in their own bed is an upsetting one. Yet in December 2016, the main reason patients couldn’t go home from the hospital, even when they were fit to be discharged, was because they were yet to be given a “care package in their own home”.

This results in them blocking hospital beds through no fault of their own.

The number of elderly patients forced to stay in the hospital has been growing month by month. Shocking statistics draw attention to a healthcare system that is slowly and excruciatingly grinding to a halt without on-demand home care for older people.

To help alleviate a critical bed-blocking problem, the NHS has teamed up with Cera. We can get a carer to your loved one at home within 24 hours, so they can quickly get back to normality after a stay in the hospital. The service has been launched in partnership with the largest NHS Trust in the UK, Barts Health, and a number of Clinical Commissioning Groups in London.


2. Taxi rides for older people with Uber

If you’ve not heard of Uber, it’s an app used for ordering a taxi ride from your smartphone. Simply open the app to see all available drivers in your area and book an immediate pickup.

The tech startup company has experienced phenomenal growth in the UK and Cera will now tap into the immediacy of what they offer to deliver two new health services in London:

  1. UberASSIST for older people who have a problem with mobility

  2. UberWAV for older people who travel with a wheelchair

Uber drivers who provide the UberASSIST and UberWAV services are specially trained to help an older person in and out of a vehicle and fully licensed to transport wheelchairs.

There’s no need to carry cash either since the service is linked to a credit card. Your relative will get a digital receipt for every journey they can independently take.  


Home care for stroke patients

In a related development, Cera has also teamed up with NHS stroke units to provide better home care specifically for stroke patients:

“This is an interesting and innovative proposal which will help raise awareness of the challenges faced by the vulnerable elderly and those with specific conditions that are becoming increasingly common in our society.” — David Mowat, Care Minister


If you’d like to know more about our new services, please call us on 020 3034 4732.