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Technology at Cera: Our Focus on Providing Safe & Excellent Quality Home Care

It’s our top priority to provide the safest care possible. We understand that most of our service users are dependent on their carers arriving on time to help them out of bed, to wash, or to eat. It is also important that our clients’ families know what is going on in their loved one’s home, how their day has gone, and whether there are any new health issues they should be informed of.

Carer Recruitment and Training

All of our Professional Carers go through a rigorous recruitment process, complete with comprehensive background and reference checks. We also invest in our carers’ training, ensuring each of them have a 3 day induction, and study separate modules based on the specific clients they care for. We conduct this learning via a mixture of in-class learning and using an e-learning platform. Our training encourages career progression and job satisfaction for all of our Professional Carers. Crucially, care provided by satisfied professionals is always safer and better quality.

Care Arrival Monitoring

We require each Professional Carer to click ‘arrive’ on our online platform when they arrive at their service user’s home. This lets us know if the carer has reached the home on time, and enables us to call their client and make necessary arrangements in the rare case that they are late. We are developing an app which will track our carers’ locations in real-time, so that we can better track their whereabouts and best serve our clients.

Bespoke Care Plans and Care Reports

Each of our service users receives a bespoke care plan to ensure that all of their needs are met and that the care they receive is safe. Our Professional Carers are given access to these care plans before each visit, so that they can read about their client’s care needs before care begins and how to best serve them when they arrive. Service users’ appointed family and loved ones are also given 24/7 access to online care reports – which are updated in real-time – ensuring that they can check-in on the care we provide whenever and wherever they may be.


We are developing a machine-learning technology that is based on the data collected by carers. It will predict if service users could experience health deteriorations such as their blood pressure worsening, or the onset of a urine infection, based on subtle signals that carers have logged in their care reports; this then allows us to escalate a user’s care should they be at high risk of deterioration, or contact their doctor more proactively to potentially prevent adverse health issues or the need to be admitted into hospital. This technology is a huge step forward for proactive home care and a great benefit for our users’ long-term health.

Another innovation is our artificial-intelligence chatbot – Martha – who in the future will provide decision support to carers based on the questions they ask. The chatbot aims to transfer some of the knowledge and experience which established carers possess to those carers with less experience, by doing this, we aim to make care more consistent across the board and help train up all of our carers as much as we can.


Unlike many tech-enabled healthcare companies, we are CQC-registered, meaning we are fully responsible for the care that we provide, and are regulated by an external agency, the Care Quality Commission. If you’re interested to know more about what this certification means and its benefits for the quality of our care, have a read of our blog on the importance of CQC Registration here.

To find out more about Cera, please give us a call on 020 3034 4732 and one of our care experts will be happy to give advice and assistance regarding our different care options.

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