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Raising Awareness for Dementia via the Arts: Precious Little Talent

Precious Little Talent directed by Grace Lewis aims to raise awareness about the effects of dementia using the medium of the arts to showcase different perspectives: those who live with dementia, those who care for them, their loved ones and the wider community. Precious Little Talent centres around a man named George who is living with Lewy body dementia, his young live-in carer, Sam, and his estranged daughter Joey, whilst they navigate the often troublesome Christmas period in New York City.

At Cera we have many clients who suffer with different types of dementia and therefore we understand the complexity of care that is required. Dementia can affect people in many different ways but the most common symptoms are: confusion, forgetfulness, incontinence, aggression and depression. Despite this, having dementia does not mean that one cannot maintain a high quality of living with the right help.

We understand how difficult lifestyle transitions can be for those living with dementia. At Cera, our carers try to reduce the stresses associated with these transitions and help people living with dementia to remain comfortable and happy within their own homes. We create personalised care plans to suit the individual needs of our clients suffering with dementia, in order to ensure that the highest quality of care can be provided; this is crucial to maintain the quality of life we aim for our clients to have. Our offering includes a range of care for those suffering with dementia: from nightly to full time, live-in care. Our carers can provide a range of services depending on the individual’s needs and problems specifically associated with dementia. Our services include: companionship, domestic help, meal preparation, medication assistance, mobility assistance, personal and hygiene care.

Our carers will help those suffering with dementia to remain independent within their own homes, enabling them to maintain their normal routines and continue to feel comfortable and safe. As symptoms of dementia progress we understand how important it is to maintain a stable and regular routine, so we can ensure that your loved one will have continuity in the carer that they have looking after them, as this enables the highest quality of care to be provided.

Overall, Precious Little Talent aims to show the difficulties of caring for those who suffer with dementia and raise awareness about the consequences that this has on different groups of people, they have partnered with Dementia UK to raise money for the charity through the arts.

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