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Online devices for an older person

Have you thought about getting an older adult online? Apps aren’t only for the young. They educate and entertain people of all ages. If you ever worry about how much time your loved one spends on their own or if they’re bored, these apps could help ease your mind.

You don’t have to be tech savvy to get online, although some older people are. Using a tablet is as easy as flicking through a newspaper or pushing a button on the remote control. If your relative is less mobile or has fewer visitors these days, might they welcome a distraction?

Your relative might need a little help getting set up. Once that’s done, there’s nothing to stop them enjoying the same benefits as those of us who use apps daily. They could feel better connected, more informed, or enjoy the latest craze in games.

Apps for older people

Choosing relevant apps depends on the person. Search the App Store (Google | Apple) to see what sparks their interest the most.

Or try out a few of these popular apps to see how you get on…


Remind your loved one there’s a lot going on outside their own four walls. If they have a favourite newspaper, install the app (Google | Apple), or go for a more general news site like Flipboard (Google | Apple) or BBC News (Google | Apple) for global news and sport.

If they like to follow the weather, the Met Office has a forecast app (Google | Apple).


If your relative loves to watch TV Soaps or they’re a music fan, find an appropriate app to stoke their interest. (Google | Apple) listings can be configured by TV region. Or older people can catch up on TV programmes online using BBC iPlayer (Google | Apple), ITV Hub(Google | Apple) or All 4 (Google | Apple).

Music lovers can play songs and albums through Spotify (Google | Apple). To listen to old favourites they can tune into Oldies Radio+ (Apple) or Free Oldies Radio (Google).


Older people might like a traditional Crossword Puzzle (Google | Apple) or a game of Sudoku (Google | Apple), but there’s nothing to say they won’t enjoy something silly too. Two of the most popular games are Crossy Road (Google | Apple) and Angry Birds (Google | Apple).

To keep their brain active, try mind games or puzzles: memory tests from Luminosity (Google | Apple), play with numbers on Threes (Google | Apple), or take general knowledge tests using Trivia Crack (Google | Apple).

Connect to older people through apps

As older people become comfortable using new technology it can bring you closer together. You might end up on video calls via Skype (Google | Apple); stay in touch and see one another no matter where you are. And imagine a grandparent’s joy to receive a photo of their grandchildren via WhatsApp (Google | Apple).

Give it a try.

If your loved one is reluctant or has difficulty using a screen, try using apps carers can benefit from too.

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