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New Partnership with UK Care Guide

The UK Care Guide website is designed to support those looking for help and information across a range of care related topics and part of their site helps people looking for home care agencies in the UK.  As this is our specialist area, it was very natural for us to partner together. 

The site contains a lot of information and support for those moving in to a care environment.  If you or a loved one needs care then the site explains whether you may be entitled to NHS CHC Funding, which is an area that impacts some of our clients.  Alongside this, the site can also help provide you or family members with advice on important legal areas such as estate planning, if you are keen to mitigate your inheritance taxes, or explaining why making a will is essential.   These are all important issues that we all need to think about and the site provides help with all of this.   In addition, to home care, the website provides a range of information and help for those looking at elderly care.   This includes providing information on financial and legal issues through to helping you think about such issues as funeral plans

The UK Care Guide select their partners carefully and we are pleased to partner with them to appear in home care searches for London.  

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