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Managing the Risk of Pneumonia

Pneumonia is one of the leading causes of death among men and women in the UK. However, there are ways you can prevent it by implementing important lifestyle changes, as well as short term actions. At Cera we want to help you live independently, healthily, and happily for as long as possible, so we’ve created a quick guide on how to protect yourself against pneumonia.

What is pneumonia?

Pneumonia is an infection of the lungs, which can be caused by bacteria, fungi, or viruses. These pathogens cause inflammation of the air sacs in your lungs, filling them up with fluid, and as a result, making it difficult to breath.

How to prevent it

– Quit smoking. You are more likely to get pneumonia when you smoke. Quitting is the best thing you can do for your lungs as smoking damages your lungs’ natural defences.

– Avoid people suffering from colds and flu. Colds and flu can develop into pneumonia and older people are especially at risk.

– Treat colds and flu early on with over-the-counter medication. Early treatment will stop symptoms from developing further.

– Wash your hands. This will get rid of pathogens that cause infections.

– Get vaccinated. You can get vaccination against some types of pneumonia, ask your GP for more information.

– Eat well and exercise. Making lifestyle changes will keep your immune system strong, helping you avoid infections.

If you do get a cold or flu you should act fast to stop the illness from developing into pneumonia, which in severe cases can result in hospital admission. At Cera we provide more than live-in home care; our comprehensive elderly care service gives you everything you need to prevent this scenario. Call our dedicated care management team on 020 3034 4500 to arrange transport, medication delivery and on-demand visits from GPs and nurses at your convenience. In case you are admitted to the hospital, we can arrange post-discharge care within 24-hours of an enquiry, to aid your rehabilitation promptly and safely.

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