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Maintaining Friendships into Retirement

Maintaining friendships at any age can be a challenge; people change, their interests start to differ and communication becomes harder as everyday life begins to take over. Nonetheless, companionship is vital to living a full and healthy life, and this is never more true than during retirement. Companionship and friendships can become far harder to maintain once one has left the workplace, you are no longer seeing people every day, perhaps are less able to move around on your own and are reliant on your family or a live-in carer to help you navigate day-to-day life. To help ensure that one can maintain existing relationships, make some new ones and keep enjoying an active social life during retirement we have put together some tips below.

Technology Can Be Amazing, Use It!

Modern technology is moving at breakneck speed, it can be overwhelming at times but honing in on features that support contacts with friends and family can make it much easier to navigate. Family or care companion enjoy spending time teaching these new skills and soon the contacts made on Facebook will begin to share their news and old friends will find each other.. Skype is another great option, it offers virtual face-to-face conversations via video-calling which can be far more fulfilling and less confusing than a text conversation. Eventually one could invite rekindled connections to a get-together and if necessary, a carer could help you get a little party together whilst helping you clean and cook to ensure everyone has a great time reconnecting.

Use Your Interests

If one needs full-time, live in care it is important that the caregiver share some interests with you, so make sure the care provider you chose can match you with a caregiver who will help the individual stay involved and active in the things they love doing. Interests are also a great way to keep making new friends, do some research for relevant activities or groups of people who share a hobby: think book club or a group that meet up to watch the rugby every week. Meeting new people can be challenging, but knowing that you share a particular interest with a person is a great way to keep conversation easy and relaxed. This is also a great way to get out of the house, if one needs live-in care then your caregiver can even drive and make sure your journey and time spent there is easy and in your control.

Try Something New

While acting upon already known interests is a great way to meet people, trying new things can be exciting and will open you up to a whole new type of people. The level of physical activity one can do, of course, depends on the individual, but if going for walks round the park aren’t for you, look for what is around your area, perhaps sewing or gardening could be your new passion. Combining this excitement of trying new things with the joy you get from your active interests, one is bound to meet a variety of new people, to talk, laugh, and have fun with.

If you or a loved-one could benefit from a companion to help forge new and maintain old relationships, Cera’s care companions are expertly trained and matched to your personality to ensure maximum compatibility. Visit Cera here to get started or call us on 020 3034 4550.

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