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Love, happiness and security are free for all, including older people

Do you dream of finding someone to love who will love you in return? As an older person, perhaps you had this once or twice before. Maybe you lost love or avoided it. True love might never have found its way to your door. But there’s no reason it can’t still…

Later life is a fine time for romance

In society, you’re surrounded by manicured images of young, nimble lovers who seem to find one another easily. But you’ve lived a little. You know perfection doesn’t exist and love doesn’t always come easily. (And who’s to say you’re not nimble?)

Dating in older age might not be any less complicated, but at least you know yourself better than ever. You know what you want and, more importantly, what you don’t want. There’s nothing to stop you looking for love and finding happiness.

Meet more people

Instead of trying to hunt down the perfect date, simply find opportunities to meet more people. A wider circle of acquaintances can only grow your connections.

If you still work or already have an active social life, consider how you might enhance it. Look out for volunteer opportunities, community groups you can join, or classes that support your interests. It could be anything from yoga or watercolours to badminton or choir.

It’ll get you out the house and encourage you to mix with other people.

Online dating at home

If you struggle to get out locally or prefer to cast a wider net, try online dating:

– Meet a greater selection of older people

– Check you have interests in common

– Detect early on if there’s a spark… or not!

– Get to know someone before you agree to a first date

Online dating isn’t for everyone but, if you like the sound of it, these sites are just for older people:

If you’re a shy person, ask a friend to sell your strong points on My Single Friend

Prudent older people can look for a personality match on eHarmony

Find the love you want

When you’re older, dating isn’t about building a home together or having a family. Date people you enjoy spending time with and who make you feel good about yourself.

You’re also more likely to attract people you get along with if you concentrate on doing the things you enjoy. Without a doubt, it can be difficult to make room for someone new, especially if you’re set in your ways. But if you already have a pleasurable interest in common, it’s far easier to make it work.

Before you start meeting people, build your self-confidence and define what happiness is to you. Then there’ll be no need to settle for a mediocre match.

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