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How technology can help you stay on top of your medication

Ordering a repeat prescription can be a real headache, can’t it? Having to book an appointment with your GP, finding time to queue up in the pharmacy… it all seems needlessly complicated. A burden, even.

On average, people in Britain take 20 items of prescribed medication annually, but nearly half of this medication isn’t taken as directed.

The result? Much of it is wasted, which not only harms patient health in the long run, but also costs the NHS billions each year.

Throw into the mix a GP shortage, an ageing population and other pressures on the NHS, and it becomes clear that the status quo needs a major shake-up.

Enter technology.

By removing the barriers to medication management, digital health solutions are making it easier for NHS patients and healthcare professionals alike. Here are five reasons why.

1) No more queueing

We’ve all been there. You go to the pharmacy to order your all-important medicine and wait in the queue for what feels like an eternity, only to find out they’ve run out of what you need. Not the most ideal situation; especially when your health management depends on a particular medication.

When you use Echo – an app that makes NHS repeat prescriptions painless – your vital medicine gets delivered right to your door for free. Echo sends your medication in slick, discreet packaging via Royal Mail, ensuring a speedy and safe delivery.

Need to order insulin or other chilled medication? Not a problem – it’s packed in state-of-the-art WoolCool insulation and sent via signed-for Royal Mail 24.

No more queueing

2) More time for you

You’ve got your repeat prescription, but perhaps you don’t feel confident enough to take the medicine without proper guidance. Scrawling through leaflets and searching the internet looking for answers can be time-consuming, and can leave you feeling even more confused about your medication.

Echo cuts out the stress, sending you reminders for when to take your medication and how much to take. By managing your medication from the ease of your smartphone or tablet, you’ll be saving yourself time that would otherwise be spent on sorting out the correct doses – leaving more time for you.

More time for you

3) Keep the doctor away

By not taking their medication properly and having to book doctors appointments due to ill health or medication mismanagement, many people are unintentionally wasting the valuable time of GPs. In fact, unnecessary appointments for repeat prescriptions are adding to the problem of long wait times at GP surgeries.

By improving communication between you, your doctor, and pharmacist, Echo helps you stay on top of both your medicine and your health – reducing the need for unnecessary trips to the GP. All in all, a happier outcome for both you and your doctor.

Keep the doctor away

4) A helping hand

If you manage the medication of a friend or relative, you’ll know how frustrating the process can be. Of course you want the best for your loved one, but having to run to the pharmacy, get the right medicine and organise a medication schedule can be tiring for both of you – especially if you also have to take a repeat prescription yourself.

With Echo, you can now manage the medication of a loved one. Add any friend or relative and order their medicine, and receive reminders for when they need to take it. You’ll then be able to reorder on their behalf, all from the ease of your smartphone or tablet.

A helping hand

5) Peace of mind

Even if you complete a dose of your medication exactly as directed by your GP, there’s always a chance that you might forget to renew your order. It’s a problem across the country: NHS England estimates that a third of emergency calls are related to medicine supply, as are a fifth of GP appointments and 2% of A&E attendance.

The solution? Echo prompts you to reorder 10 days before your current course runs out, meaning there’s plenty of time to place your order and ensure your medicine arrives safely. The app’s reminders also ensure you’ll never miss a dose.

If anything goes wrong during the order, Echo’s team of certified pharmacists will be on hand to guide you through the process.

Medication management has never been easier.

Peace of mind

About Echo

If you want to download Echo and find out more, click here.

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