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Guide to Private Nursing

Private nurses are registered professionals who are trained and educated to perform a variety of medical procedures. Private nursing is a great option for those who need extra care and medical attention after an accident or due to a long-term condition. Cera has prepared a short guide to explain what private nursing is and how it can benefit one’s health.

Why Choose Private Nursing?

You can arrange a private nursing visit for a short-term basis, for example, to provide respite care for a family carer; help with changing a dressing; administering medication and giving injections. Individuals arranging private nursing can rest assured that they’re being taken care of by somebody with recognised medical qualifications and knowledge.

Private nurses can take care of patients after discharge from hospital in the comfort of their own home, or to help them with procedures that need to be done by a professional. If you’re looking to avoid hospices and care homes, nurses can also provide palliative or end of life care at home. Likewise, private nursing is a great option for those who would prefer an earlier hospital discharge, but need to ensure they still have specialist care when they get home that they couldn’t receive from a regular professional care worker.

Private nurses can also visit clients on a more ongoing basis to provide expert care for those with chronic and incurable conditions such as dementia and to help with pain management.

How Much Does Private Nursing Cost?

Private nursing can vary in cost from £50 an hour to £2500 for a live-in nurse per week, dependent on how much nursing care is required. For those who don’t require dressing changes, injections or any other procedures that need a nurse, a visit from a care professional would suffice as they can take care of all other needs. This type of care is significantly less costly, with care starting from £15 an hour to £690 per week for a live-in carer; many of these professional carers have special medication training which allows them to administer specific medications too.

At Cera we make sure our elderly care packages are fully comprehensive, therefore we arrange visits from GPs and physiotherapists on-demand, to visit you or your loved one in the comfort of your own home. Please do not hesitate to contact us: if you would like to discuss your care options visit our website here or call us on 020 3034 4500.

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