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Common Misconceptions About Home Care

The thought of having someone unfamiliar in your home can be quite daunting; you may also have reservations about other factors regarding home care. However, there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding home care that we believe are important to address so that you can make an informed decision.

Here are the three common misconceptions many people have about home care:

1. It’s very expensive

Many people might be deterred from considering home care as they feel it will cost them more than a care home—this isn’t the case. Home care can actually be less expensive than a care home. At Cera, we have a range of packages ranging from £18 an hour to £895 per week. The options offered are more cost-efficient than many care homes which charge, on average, £1200 per week.

2. It’s slow and inefficient

One might think that setting up and maintaining home care is difficult and time-consuming. In fact, with Cera, the opposite is the case; we provide fast, on-demand care that utilises digital technology to make your life easier and the care provided completely transparent. We can provide affordable care within 24 hours of an enquiry and our care team are available 24/7 for queries and emergencies.

3. I won’t be able to trust a carer in my own home

This is an understandable concern, it can feel unnatural at first to allow a stranger into your home for extended periods at a time. However, at Cera we always make sure to screen our carers in a rigorous selection process, ensuring your loved one’s carer will be both professional and personable. We have a very high satisfaction rate, and many of our users and carers have formed meaningful relationships with each other; we believe this to be a true reflection of the quality of our home care.

Home care needn’t be daunting. It can be easy to organise, affordable and reliable. If you have any reservations or would like to contact us to discuss our different services, please get in touch.

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