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How do I broach the subject of care with my elderly parents?

Broaching the subject of care with your parents will likely not be an easy conversation. Emotions can run high on both sides. They may resent the implication that they can no longer take care of themselves and may feel affronted or ashamed. You might feel guilty that you can’t provide the care that they need.… Continue reading

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Holidays: Considerations When Taking Elderly Relatives

What do I need to think about when taking an elderly relative on holiday? Deciding to take an elderly relative on holiday may sound daunting. Their level of mobility and their care requirements will pose limitations on where you can go and what type of holiday you can have. But with the right preparation and… Continue reading

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The problem of delayed discharge in the UK

Delayed discharges, or bed blocking as its more commonly known, is when hospital beds are taken up because there is nowhere for patients to go. It is a significant problem in the UK. It causes issues for the patient, as staying in the hospital often is not the best place for them to receive ongoing… Continue reading

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How to help a loved one who is lonely

Loneliness is a huge problem for older people all over the UK. Unfortunately in January, this can often be heightened. Christmas is a social time for families, with many elderly people getting so much enjoyment from this time with loved ones. Often this can tail off in the New Year, bringing increased feelings of loneliness… Continue reading

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How to spot the tell-tale signs of dementia

Dementia is such a common problem in the UK with over 850,000 people currently diagnosed as living with dementia. Specifically, one person every three minutes is diagnosed, but could you spot the early signs of dementia in a loved one? To help, in this guide we’ll detail the key things you must look out for.… Continue reading

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What are carer support groups?

Caring for a loved one can be hard, so it is really important to establish a strong network which can support you on a regular basis. Caring for your loved one can be mentally and physically exhausting, so it is incredibly important to look after your own well-being alongside theirs. Carer support groups are a… Continue reading