Covering Cardiff and South Wales


Covering Cardiff and South Wales

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Navigation Park,
Cardiff CF45 4SN [ MAP ]

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Care Assistant

Are you looking for a Care Assistant Job in Caerphilly? Would you like to earn between £232.50 and £372.00 a week? 

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What it's like to work at Cera

Hi! My name is Beverley and I have worked at Cera Abercynon, since January 2020.

I have 27 years of experience in social care, starting as a care assistant while at university. Since then, I have progressed through to care management. Over the years the profession has been extremely challenging but fantastically rewarding at the same time.

Good carers are passionate about the clients and feel rewarded in the knowledge they make a positive difference in their lives. The knowledge and regulations are easily taught but the values and human compassion are in a carer's genes; a sense of pride in wearing their uniform and a commitment and dedication to making a real difference.

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